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Jeff Raught
Jeff Raught

Jeff has been meandering his way through life with songs and stories for many years. Finding the humor in unexpected places and delivering it in a way that only Jeff can. Connecting the dots, or maybe helping to erase them. It is a delightful blend of music that has flavors of blues, gospel and hints of The American Songbook.

For a new twist on some old yarn....

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Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.
Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.

I play bass guitar (currently a five string "MTD").

I've played in churches (I'm part of a folk group in a Catholic church at present), pubs - nasty and nice, concerts, coffee houses and assorted other environments.

I've played in duos, full bands (three, four, five piece) and other configurations. I've had the good fortune to be part of a number of recording sessions as well.

I play by ear and use chord charts frequently. I am learning to "read" but am at a beginner level in that regard.

There are very few types of music that I don't like. I've played rock, country, gospel, reggae, folk and even some classical at a semi-serious to pretty serious level.

I'm a sucker for a great melody, a cool riff or a worthwhile lyric. If all three elements converge in a song great; I will, however, settle for one or two of them. :-)

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Annie James Project

Andrea (Annie), Jamie (James), Henry and Jonathan make up Annie James Project. They are based in the region of Waterloo, and play music from various genres: rock, folk, celtic, fiddle, bluegrass, blues, celtic rock, church and worship. They love to blend their voices in rich harmonies, and to use as many instruments per concert as possible, just to confuse the sound guy. Their joy is to play and sing tunes that are known and loved, as well as less known tunes they think will be loved; music from the secular as well as church tradition.

Ben Brown

Music was an important facet of Ben Brown's childhood on a rural Midwestern farm. It had always been a vital part of his Cherokee, Irish and African American heritage; his mother commonly expressed her thoughts and feelings through song. His parents' appreciation for the music of the big bands, jazz, country-western and the music of so many other cultures exposed him to a great variety of musical styles and interpretations. His first exposure to the harp was Harpo Marx playing boogie-woogie and jazz.

Years later, in a harp world dominated by orchestral pedal harps and classical music, Ben singlehandedly reintroduced and helped repopularize a singular variety of folk harp which had been obsolete for close to 100 years with only three or four original European examples still in existence. He has proven this harp to be uniquely suited to the jazz, blues and improvisational music of his youth.

Twenty years after Ben Brown's reintroduction of the cross strung into the American folk harp world, the instrument boasts several hundred players and growing.

Burnt Possum: Dan Easley, Jeremy Frey, Chad Gusler

The Burnt Possum Poets is a trio of wordsmiths based in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They explore the minute differences between romance, nature, the divine and taxicabs. A musician first and foremost, Dan Easley composes and records songs and sound-scapes. In love with the world and everything in it, Jeremy Frey generates poems and creative nonfiction. Chad Gusler delivers short stories and sermons, often mixing both genres to expose and surpass the embedded boundaries of prose and the pulpit. Their work can be found at Burnt Possum and at Towndowner Records.

Cottonwood Jam String Band

Playing American Roots, Appalachian, Folk, Contra / Square Dance, Old Time Music.

Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica.

Dave Landes

Dave Landes plays music. Whether with his hammered dulcimer, guitar, banjo, or even his gourd banjo, there is nothing he loves more than singing a good song, old or new. Old time music, celtic, folk, or blues, as long as the song tells a good story, makes you cry or just makes you smile, he's on it.

Someone recently said Dave's music is "a good antidote to Rush Limbaugh!"

Dave plays solo gigs, as a duo with Russ Stallings (a fine old time and Irish fiddler), and in Nonesuch (an ensemble which perform old English ballads and dance music.) He is currently in charge of developing the music program at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton.

Dave and Joanna Woodsmall

Dave and Joanna both play a large variety of acoustic instruments and always enjoy the challenge of meeting a new kind of instrument. They play primarily traditional American music whose roots come from Africa and the Celtic Isles yet love to spice things up by throwing in some traditional melodies from countries around the world. They most especially enjoy the challenge of coming up with a set of music with a focal topic such as peace and have an interesting and meaningful program planned for Mennofolk.

Frances Miller

Frances is a multi-instrumental improvisational artist, performer, teacher and facilitator. She lives in the mountains of Virginia where she teaches music at a small Waldorf school, sings her songs, plays her violin and hang drum and facilitates improvisational music events. She performs alone and with a variety of wonderful musicians in the area. She has one movie soundtrack and 2 CD's out and one about to be released. Coming from a rigorous classical background, her musical style is a unique and changing blend with hints of celtic, classical, gypsy, free-form improv, jazz and an occasional hymn melody.

Jan Garrett

Jan Garrett is a jazz singer, recording artist, songwriter, meditation student and wild-ass visionary who teaches piano-by-ear and leads retreats on Authentic Voice. She has toured with John Denver, Steve Martin, and The Dirt Band, and has appeared on the Tonight Show. Wow. She is a blithe spirit who feels most at home in the natural world and believes that "The chance of a lifetime is to be yourself."

She tries to write songs that are as satisfying to the soul as they are to the ear, and perhaps someday soon in a perfect world she will have a Big Hit.

Matthew Keeler (Blues Reveler)

Matt Keeler started off playing Pre-WWII blues and spirituals in the mid-1990s, but has since broadened his repertoire to include other styles, such as ragtime, Irish traditional music, hokum, early American popular music, and Appalachian fiddle tunes. The Ohio-based band, Blues Reveler, is essentially his homage to American roots music. Matt plays a wide array of traditional music styles incorporating many iconic instruments, including mandolin, rhythm bones, hurdy gurdy, washboard, and other miscellaneous debris.

Quiet in the Land

Dan Root & Laura Dyck, wayward Mennonites and backroad travellers, make music from the mountains of Americana and the deep seas of East Coast folk. With fiddle, guitar, and mandolin, they carve out new songs and mine forgotten melodies, melding warm harmonies and fiery reels into spirited live performances.

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