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mennofolk:::::a celebration of contemporary Mennonite faith and culture through acoustic music and song

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Jeff Raught
Jeff Raught

Jeff has been meandering his way through life with songs and stories for many years. Finding the humor in unexpected places and delivering it in a way that only Jeff can. Connecting the dots, or maybe helping to erase them. It is a delightful blend of music that has flavors of blues, gospel and hints of The American Songbook.

For a new twist on some old yarn....

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Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.
Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.

I play bass guitar (currently a five string "MTD").

I've played in churches (I'm part of a folk group in a Catholic church at present), pubs - nasty and nice, concerts, coffee houses and assorted other environments.

I've played in duos, full bands (three, four, five piece) and other configurations. I've had the good fortune to be part of a number of recording sessions as well.

I play by ear and use chord charts frequently. I am learning to "read" but am at a beginner level in that regard.

There are very few types of music that I don't like. I've played rock, country, gospel, reggae, folk and even some classical at a semi-serious to pretty serious level.

I'm a sucker for a great melody, a cool riff or a worthwhile lyric. If all three elements converge in a song great; I will, however, settle for one or two of them. :-)

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Wendy Chappell-Dick

Wendy Chappell-DickFor Wendy, making music is thoroughly woven into relationships. Compared by some to Kate Wolf for this combination of friendship, folk style and heartfelt melody, Wendy chooses her songs like quilt squares, her music partners gathered round the table for so much more than music. Her tools are a cello, guitar, dulcimer, hymnal, and a stock of over 1000 tunes by memory. Wendy calls herself an evangelist, an activist and an enthusiast of music that comes from the cradle of the Mennonite church. Her music is at home at protests, coffeehouses, living rooms, churches, woods and cabins. She is active in all genres especially including children's, celtic, classical, choral, a capella, historical folk, and 80s rock and roll. Wendy is also on Facebook.

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Wendy Chappell-Dick
(610) 279-3366
707 Stanbridge
Norristown, PA 19401 USA


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